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Clyde's 4-Step Leather Recoloring Kit

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Color: Black
Leather Absorbency: Non-absorbent
How do I test for leather absorbency?

Warning: Product contains acetone, ethanol, and methanol which can be harmful or Fatal if swallowed


ALL-IN-ONE KIT: This kit includes all the essential products for a complete leather restoration: Leather Recoloring Balm, Leather Conditioning Cream, Leather Cleaning Foam, and Leather Preparer and Deglazer. Each product is designed to work in harmony, ensuring optimal results and an easy, step-by-step process that brings your leather items back to life.

RESTORE YOUR OLD, FADED LEATHER: Has your leather lost its luster? Our leather recoloring kit also includes our best-selling leather recoloring balm that restores your old, faded leather to its original beauty. We use a proprietary formula that recolors and protects the leather without changing the feel of the material or leaving any oily residue behind.

LEATHER CARE ESSENTIALS: Our kit includes a leather conditioning cream to nourish and protect your restored leather, a gentle cleaning foam to remove dirt and grime, and a preparer and deglazer for optimal color adhesion. Together, these products ensure a professional-grade restoration and long-lasting results.

EASY-TO-USE ACCESSORIES: Our kit comes with a lint-free cloth for easy application of the balm and cream, and a high-quality horse hair brush for efficient cleaning with the foam. These accessories make the restoration process simple, even for those with no prior experience in leather care.

COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTION: Purchasing the 4-Step Leather Recoloring Kit saves you money compared to buying each product individually. This kit provides all the necessary tools and products for leather care at a more affordable price, making it an excellent investment for long-lasting leather maintenance.

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Lifetime Guarantee

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We offer this lifetime guarantee as a testament to the quality of our products; we know our product works wonderfully when used correctly. See our lifetime guarantee page for details. It's also imperative to our business that our customers feel they have received value from our products/services, so if you feel that you haven't, please reach out to us!

Please note: Failure to follow 4-step process as directed will lead to undesirable results

"More cost-effective and environmentally friendly than purchasing something new... I'd like to think that my grandpa would be pretty excited... I wonder if he'd even recognize it."

Brenna Darling - Insider

Recoloring That Lasts

Our formula penetrates deep into leather pores; yeilding results that will last up to 10 years

Earth Conscious

Restore your leather while conserving expensive leather fabric. Mother earth will thank you!

Leather Friendly

Finally say goodbye to recoloring products that leave leather dried and cracked when you try Clyde's!

For Absorbent Leather

Balm designed for absorbent leather only. Don't have absorbent leather? Use our deglazer!


1-min Leather Care Quiz
Our 4-Step Process

Clyde's 4-Step Leather Recoloring Process - a tried-and-tested solution for leather repair and restoration. Developed through years of research, customer reviews, and expert input, this easy-to-follow process ensures impressive results. Please follow the steps as directed to avoid undesirable outcomes.

STEP 1 CLEAN YOUR LEATHER: Begin by cleaning the leather surface with Clyde's Leather Cleaning Foam and a cloth. This step effectively removes embedded dirt and dust from the leather pores.

STEP 2 ABSORBENCY TEST: If the leather isn't absorbent, use Clyde's Leather Preparer and Deglazer to remove the original finish. This product strips the leather of non-absorbent oils, preparing it for the recoloring balm.

STEP 3 APPLY RECOLORING BALM: Apply Clyde's Leather Recoloring Balm sparingly, massaging it into the leather using the included sponge. Allow 24-36 hours for the balm to cure. Once fully cured, additional balm cannot be applied.

STEP 4 CONDITION LEATHER: Following the balm application, apply Clyde's Natural Leather Conditioner to seal the balm, prevent color transfer, and extend the life of your leather. For detailed instructions, click here.

Product Info


The expensive leather you paid a fortune for years ago has now become scratched, torn, or dented. It's not just the money you've spent on it but also the time, effort, and love that went into picking the perfect item. You can't bear the thought of throwing it away, but you also don't know how else to fix up that worn-out look without breaking the bank. Here's where Clyde's Leather Recoloring Balm comes in.

Until Clyde's Leather Recoloring Balm, recoloring your leather meant using expensive dyes which contain toxic and harmful ingredients and often leave leather cracked and dry. We changed that. Our high-tech recoloring balm recolors leather while improving its lifespan tenfold; restoring leather's natural color, filling in old scratches, and usable on any leather surface, including your car seats, sofas, boots, jackets, saddles, bags and more...

Disclaimer: Our recoloring balm works for most absorbent leather surfaces, except calf, nubuck and suede leather.


Recolorant Size: 100ml (3.38 OZ)

Package Includes: Leather Recoloring Balm, Leather Conditioner, Leather Cleaning Foam, Leather Prep and Deglazer, Lint Free Towels (2), Leather Cleaning Brush, Application Sponge, Gloves for Application, Instructions Pamphlet

Ingredients: Resin Derived From Plants, Dye, Binder

Color Chart

Use our color swatches to help color match! If your leather is not an exact match, don't worry. You have a few options:

  1. You can mix colors to achieve a more complex color profile
  2. You can increase or decrease amount of balm applied to surface
  • Darker colors are achieved by applying more coats
  • Lighter colors are achieved by applying less coats

Color swatches are paired with HEX color codes for standardization.

If you need help, please chat with our team here!


Would balm stain my clothing or rub off? No, the balm doesn't color transfer when applied correctly and given the correct amount of time to cure. It's designed to chemically bond with the leather surface.

How long does it take to cure? Upon contact, our balm will begin to chemically bond with the surface of your leather. However, you must wait 24 hours after application to begin using your leather again. Once cured, you will need to seal the balm with our leather conditioning cream.

Can colors be mixed? Colors can be mixed to achieve any desired color. Please submit a contact form here, and we will help you pick the right colors.

Can I change the color of my leather? Any color balm can recolor any color leather. I.e. a black leather surface can be recolored to light brown or white. If going from a darker color to a lighter color, more coats of the balm will need to be applied.

What is Clyde's 4-Step Process? Our easy and highly effective method for leather recoloring and repair, backed by years of trial and error, thousands of customer reviews, and feedback from dozens of professional leather workers. The process consists of cleaning, absorbency testing, recoloring, and conditioning your leather.

Are your recoloring products flammable or corrosive? There are no solvents, flammable or corrosive materials present in any product except our leather prep and degalzer. For our deglazer, avoid conact with eyes and skin. Do not ingest any of our products.

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