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Clyde's Paintable Leather Filler

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EFFICIENT HOLE AND SCRATCH REPAIR: If you've got some holes or scratches in your leather, Clyde's Leather Paintable Filler is the right product to use. It's a great way to fix up your leather items without too much fuss. The formula is easy to use and fills in imperfections really well, leaving a smooth and even surface once it's dried. You can use it for all kinds of touch-ups or larger repairs. It's a real time-saver!

FLEXIBLE FINISH FOR LONGEVITY: Once applied, Clyde's Leather Paintable Filler dries to a flexible finish that prevents future cracks and tears. This flexibility ensures that the area you repair stays durable and resistant to wear and tear, which means you don't have to touch it up too often, and your leather will still last longer.

VERSATILE REPAIR SOLUTION: Clyde's Leather Paintable Filler is a versatile solution for fixing minor holes, scratches, and imperfections in various materials, including vinyl, patent leather, vegan leather, foam, bonded leather, pleather, and more. It offers a comprehensive solution for a wide range of repair needs.

SANDABLE COMPOSITION: Once dried, Clyde's filler becomes sandable, so you can get a smooth and even surface finish. This way, you can shape and refine the repaired areas to match the original item's contours. Sandability adds a professional touch to repairs, enhancing the overall quality of the finished result.

Our 4-Step Process

Clyde's 4-step leather recoloring process is our simple yet highly effective method of leather repair and recoloring; backed by years of trial and error, customer reviews, and professional feedback.

The process consists of leather cleaning, preparation, recoloring, and conditioning. Please note, failing to follow directions can lead to undesired results. 

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Lifetime Guarantee

If you don't love your results at any point in time, just request a return via our returns center and get your money back.

We offer this lifetime guarantee as a testament to the quality of our products; we know our product works wonderfully when used correctly. See our lifetime guarantee page for details. It's also imperative to our business that our customers feel they have received value from our products/services, so if you feel that you haven't, please reach out to us!

Please note: Failure to follow 4-step process as directed will lead to undesirable results



Strong Adhesion for Long-Lasting Repairs

Get your repairs done right the first time with a long-lasting and strong bond that lasts for years.

Shapeable and Sandable for Smooth Results

Easily shape and sand Clyde's Leather Paintable Filler for a flawlessly smooth finish.

Ideal for Touch-Ups and Restorations

Seamlessly fill scratches, cracks, pitting, splits, and more imperfections.

Ultra-Flexible Finish

Ensure your repaired leather items look and feel like new with our ultra-flexible leather filler.


How to use

To use Clyde's Leather Paintable Filler, simply apply thin layers to the area you want to fix. Let each layer dry completely before adding more until the damaged area is filled and level. Lightly sand for a smooth finish.

Leather Care Quiz

No one restoration job is the same. Take our 1-minute leather care quiz to receive your personalized leather care routine


The 4-Step Process

STEP 1 CLEAN YOUR LEATHER: Clean leather surface using Clyde's Leather Cleaning Foam and a rag. This removes dirt and dust that has been burried in the leather pores.

STEP 2 ABSORBENCY TEST: If leather isn't absorbent, remove original finish using our Clyde's Leather Preparer and Deglazer. This will strip the leather of oils that make it non-absorbent.

(OPTIONAL STEP) APPLY LEATHER FILLER: If you're dealing with scratches, cracks, or scuffs, you can optionally use Clyde's Leather Paintable Filler to correct surface damage before recoloring your leather. Apply a thin layer, let it dry, and sand for a smooth finish.

STEP 3 APPLY RECOLORING BALM: Apply Clyde’s Leather Recoloring Balm in a conservative manner, messaging the balm into the leather using the sponge included. Allow 24-36 hours for balm to cure.

STEP 4 CONDITION LEATHER: Apply Clyde's Natural Leather Conditioner following balm application. This will seal the balm and prevent color transfer, as well as extend the life of your leather.

Product Info


Tired of seeing unsightly scratches and cracks on your favorite leather items? Meet Clyde's Leather Paintable Filler – the answer to all your restoration woes.

Clyde's Leather Paintable Filler works wonders on a variety of materials, from leather to vinyl, bonded to pleather, making it your go-to for all repair projects.

Whether it's scratches on your furniture, scuffs on your car seats, or blemishes on your favorite jacket or shoes, Clyde's has got you covered, ensuring impeccable results on all types and colors of leather.

But what sets Clyde's apart? Its flexible finish not only provides comfort but also prevents future cracks and tears, guaranteeing durability with every repair. Plus, it's shapeable and sandable, making it super easy to achieve that pro finish you're after. 

So, if you want to get rid of pesky imperfections and witness a revitalized look and feel, go with Clyde's Leather Paintable Filler!


Size: 2 OZ (60 ML)

Item form: Cream

Suitable for: All leather surfaces, of any condition.


CAN I USE IT ON ALL TYPES OF LEATHER? Yes, Clyde's Leather Paintable Filler is safe to use on all types of leather, including vinyl, patent leather, vegan leather, foam, bonded leather, pleather, and more.

IS CLYDE'S LEATHER PAINTABLE FILLER EASY TO SHAPE AND SAND? Absolutely! Clyde's is both shapeable and sandable, making it incredibly easy to achieve a professional finish with minimal effort.

WHAT TYPES OF DAMAGE CAN CLYDE'S LEATHER PAINTABLE FILLER FIX? Our leather filler is perfect for repairing scratches, cracks, pitting, splits, and other imperfections on all types and colors of leather, offering versatile solutions for various repair projects.

WHAT APPLICATIONS IS CLYDE'S LEATHER PAINTABLE FILLER SUITABLE FOR? Whether it's furniture, car seats, jackets, accessories, or shoes, Clyde's is your go-to solution for repairing damage on any leather item.

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