We've been asked a lot about what our customers use and how they work on leather, so we thought it was a good idea to gather some of our results!

Our products have saved thousands of customers from replacing their leather goods when they can simply restore them back to their original condition using Clyde's Leather products.

See the before-and-after photos from our customers below!

clyde's leather recoloring balm on a car seat


Here's a photo of a well-worn leather car seat after years of usage. With Clyde's Leather Care products, you can also make it look brand new!


clyde's leather recoloring balm before and after


Scratches and cracks are common among old leather car seats, but here's what it looks like after a satisfied customer takes on a DIY restoration project.


restored car seat with recoloring balm


No matter how visible the scratches are, our products can conceal them and give your car seat a brand-new look, just like this one!


red recolored car seat


Your car's leather seat doesn't have to look dull. This customer picked the closest balm color variant on this car seat and the results say it all! 


car seat before and after using clyde's leather care products


The leather upholstery looks scuffed, cracked and old. But this customer used Clyde's Leather Care products and gave the leather seats a luxurious treatment.

Bring Out the Best in Your Leather

Clyde's Leather Company offers a wide range of products that restores leather in its pristine condition while leaving it soft and supple.

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