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10 Leather Gift Ideas for the Holidays in 2023
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10 Leather Gift Ideas for the Holidays in 2023

What is more personal than a gift made from leather? There's just something about leather's soft touch and sturdiness that never seems to go out of style. It's a material that will stand the test of time and become more beautiful as it ages. And, if you want to take things a step further, you can even customize the item to make it truly unique!

Whether it is Christmas, New Years', or any other holiday you celebrate with friends and family, take a look at these leather gift ideas to find the perfect present for everyone on your list.

Holiday Gift Ideas  Description
leather recoloring balm as a holiday gift

Clyde's Leather Recoloring Balm is the perfect present for all of your leather-loving friends and family. It's a simple product that can be used on any type of leather — from shoes to bags to jackets — and makes them look brand-new again.

With our ClydeColor technology, we've developed a product that not only colors leather but also makes it last longer.

Our balm restores leather's natural color and fills in old scratches on any piece of furniture or apparel made from this material — all by using just one tub!

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leather gloves for holiday gift

If you have an equestrian in your life, then you know they are always looking for the latest and greatest gear to help them perform better and stay comfortable.

These gloves are made from synthetic grain leather, making them breathable and increasing grip on reins. The patented rein-cut design gets your hands into the perfect position when riding or grooming your horse. Plus, it's stylish!

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clyde's leather recoloring kit

The Clyde's Leather Recoloring Kit is a great gift for any leather lover. It's a kit that contains everything you need to clean, recolor, and condition your leather goodies.

Aside from our top-selling leather recoloring balm, you get to use our leather conditioning cream, leather prep and deglaze, and leather cleaning foam. On top of that, you have a horse hairbrush and lint-free towels to help you get the job done right.

No need to buy products and tools separately. This kit simply has everything you're looking for!

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center console pad

If you have a car or know someone who has one, you must have a leather car armrest.

This center console pad is made of high-quality PU leather, which makes it lightweight, soft, wear-resistant, and waterproof. Its key function is to provide a comfortable place for your arm while driving. It also adds an elegant touch to your car's interior! 

The pad size is 20 x 30 cm., so make sure it fits inside your car before buying!

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clyde's leather care kit

Leather maintenance is just as important as restoring with a balm or dye. Why? Because leather needs to be cared for, just like any other material.

Without proper care, leather will become dry and brittle and lose shape. That's when you start seeing cracks, splits and blemishes.

Clyde's Leather Care Kit will prevent that. With the kit, you will receive a leather cleaner that cleans dirt and grime from your leather; and a leather conditioner that restores the natural oils and moisture to the leather. It's like giving your leather a spa treatment!

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leather coasters

There’s nothing more festive than gifting your friends and family some unique Christmas gifts. If you’re looking to surprise them in the best possible way, these leather coasters would be the perfect option.

Made from PU leather, it's sturdy enough to protect your furniture from stains on your drinks. These coasters are perfect for any occasion, whether celebrating Christmas or simply having a get-together with friends. They come in a pack of six, so you can give them away as individual presents or put them together as a set for your loved ones!

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clyde's applicator kit

Here's the problem with applying leather care products. Using any old rag or towel just won't do the trick. You'll end up with streaks and unevenness in the finish, which can lead to premature cracking or peeling.

Clyde's Leather Applicator Kit is a great holiday gift for anyone who loves and takes care of their leather. You get a brush and a lint-free towel for cleaning, conditioning and buffing your leather goodies.

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leather wallet for men

A leather wallet is a timeless gift. It’s a thoughtful and practical gift that will last years to come.

Here's a genuine leather wallet that will stand the test of time. It has 5 slots for cards, 2 windows to hold IDs and other small items, and a spacious compartment for money or receipts. Made from genuine leather, this will surely prove to be a great gift for a loved one.

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Clyde's Leather Cleaning, Prep, and Protection Kit

Know someone who has already bought a leather recoloring balm from us?

Clyde's Leather Cleaning, Prep, and Protection Kit is just the right holiday present for them. We've put a leather cleaner that sanitizes your used, dirty leather; a deglazer for preparing your leather for recoloring; and a conditioner for long-term protection.

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leather journal

Do you know someone who loves to write, sketch or paint? This leather journal is something you can buy for your loved one.

It's made with genuine leather and medieval handmade vintage paper, making it durable and long-lasting. Have a look at the cover with perfectly embossed 3 moon designs, symbolizing firmness, strength, and power!

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Ready for Some Last-Minute Holiday Shopping?

The holidays are a great time to show how much you care about the people in your life, whether it's something small like a holiday card or a bigger ticket item they'll truly appreciate. If you don't know what to get someone, try thinking outside the box, or check out some of our gift ideas above. Hopefully, we've inspired you and helped lighten the load of holiday shopping this year!

At Clyde's, we want you to have a happy holiday season filled with love and laughter. If you need help with your holiday shopping, feel free to reach out!

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